We assess, evaluate and select prospective properties and develop strategies designed to connect with the right purchasers market segments.

Through UNIQ’s sophisticated knowledge of property marketing to new and experience purchasers, we have the proven capability to ensure maximum return and value realisation. Central to our success is the reach and market engagement made possible through our team of sales agents. Our extensive network of over 600 Associate Partners are both experienced and highly motivated to bring the right properties to potential purchasers. By collaborating closely with developers to craft well-researched and meticulously planned marketing strategies, we can roll-out campaigns that yield excellent sales volume results, rapidly.

We expertly handle property purchase, settlement and hand-over processes, as well as provide interested clients with a range of finance products. Through UNIQ Finance, we negotiate and package mortgages and finance on behalf of purchasers. This combination of strategy development and purchaser alignment, wide-reaching sales networks facilitated through experienced management teams, sales servicing and mortgage brokering is the unique advantage that makes us property marketing and sales leaders.