Information Quality

UNIQ’s core values set it apart from other property marketing and sales companies. The property purchasing options we present are thoroughly assessed and evaluated to ensure purchasers whom we engage with are provided with the best opportunity to realise their goals. Our IQ – Information Quality – is in our DNA. It guides our operations and activities from start to finish guaranteeing that each property has undergone the most rigorous analysis before being included within UNIQ’s portfolio of purchasing offerings.

Financial Safety

We proactively address purchaser queries and information needs. Empowerment through education, knowledge and insight is UNIQ’s commitment to purchasers – so that they can make sound purchasing decisions with confidence. We help them investigate purchasing options, determine their goals with a long-term view, and help plan their property journey to ensure financial safety and reward.

Assistance & Guidance

At each stage of the process, UNIQ provides purchasers with assistance and guidance. We help purchasers access a range of finance through our own mortgage brokerage, UNIQ Finance. We steer purchasers through purchase finalisation and settlement, and support them in the process of obtaining tenants. Throughout the course of each purchase, UNIQ supportively engages with purchasers in a personal, caring, and empowering way.

Core Values

UNIQ’s leadership team and Associate Partners embody our core values – values which elevate the needs and objectives of purchasers and through which we help them achieve the purchasing outcomes they seek.



in all our dealings with purchasers, placing their needs first from beginning to end


our commitment to getting the best outcome for purchasers


we unveil all the unknowns which are often not made readily available through residential real estate agents


helping purchasers achieve financial aims through informed and well-planned property purchasing


through education to build purchaser’s knowledge about property purchasing strategy


a straightforward approach to successful property purchasing

It’s our commitment to these values which distinguishes us from the rest, and it’s the reason UNIQ is truly unique.